We believe that one of the best way to puruse the joy of life is by bicycle

Find somewhere you Belong. We stand together with you.

Never Stop Cycling | BoskeyCycle


Birds of feather flock together. As time go by, we celebrated the first anniversary of our workshop at Beijing in 2013, named after the brand of touring bike we have designed, BoskeyCycle, lasts for almost 5 years and we still keeping go on. It’s all about love and dream that Boskey’s Cyclists pursue for a whole life.
We trust with the life’s possibility of cycling. Focus on the joy of bicycle culture and travel. We stand together through thick and thin, find one another somewhere out there.


Share the memory of journey of Boskey’s Cyclists all around the world. Awesome Stories can be find here and we can show you the possibility of life through bicycle and travel.

We respect the passion for adventure of every cyclist.

Custom Service

Provide the perfect service to our guests to discover the best of every moment of every day when cycling. Custom service, steel & carbon & titanium bikes repair service and travel planning service includes.

Touring Bikes

Boskey focus on design and produce steel bikes for Travel. Long Trip, Light Travel and Gravel model included. We believe that a perfect steel bike make the biketrip perfectly.


Suitable for mellow single tracks, farm roads, crushed cobblestones. It’s a range of products that’s close to life. Capable of performing on various surfaces such as city and countryside while sustaining comfort.


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